Championing diversity: This copywriting project for the language-learning platform Babbel is all about uncovering stereotypes. 

The campaign “Babbel – An Immigrant’s Story” won a Silver ADDY award by the American Advertising Federation in Augusta. 

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HP x SCADpro

This collaborative project with SCADpro x HP involved designing a microsite and creating content for it. 

This project is currently under NDA. Please contact me for more information. 

FEatures and Profiles

This feature explores how language influences personality and perception of self. It was featured in Square 95. 

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This 6-part series follows the stories of three athletes through their experience with RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport). 

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This profile piece is about Laura Ramirez Garcia, a rising SCAD alumna.

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Front-of-book articles

savannah magazine

New to the City: Clearing House Savannah for Art + Spirit

Revolutionizing Gym Workouts

UX Research

Within ten weeks and as a team of seven students from different majors, we set out to help young professionals understand the value of workplace benefits. This project is under NDA. Please contact me if you have specific questions about the project. 

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News writing & Columns

This column focuses on sustainability for college students. Topics include zero waste, lifestyle, and recycling. 

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